The links below are not listed alphabetically and are not rated or sorted in any way. Therefore, we recommend that you visit all of them. The short description next to each link may not be accurate since most of these excellent sites grow in time.

FISH LINK CENTRAL It is exactly what the name implies. Many links to almost every site related to the hobby. Extremely useful cichlid section drives you to sites like Cichlid Homepage, Cichlid Cellar, and Cichlid Central.

THE KRIB. Everything you need to know. An excellent plant section. Many articles for the aquarist written by professionals on difficult topics like lighting, CO2 injection, maintenance etc. Very interesting DIY articles including CO2 home made reactors. A very large chat section on almost every topic.

TROPICA This Danish firm has included all sort of information in a neatly arranged site. Their plant database is a must to visit. Again, printing it out saves you a good book. Does not contain everything, but contains everything on what is contained. You can also download or order their book on tropical plants - undoubtedly a "must" even for rock funs.

AMANO (ADA) If you want to take a look of what planted aquaria should look like here is the place to be. A professional at work. Many details on how these aquaria were built and a step by step guide can be found here. We may never build something like that but still we can admire it.

Some essential information, and great "thumb rule" options on keeping African Cichlids of the Rift Lakes can be found here. While there seek the article by Kurt Bonnet on "The African Cichlids of Lake Malawi". It will save you much further reading.

For those interested especially in Malawi cichlids I propose visiting Cichlid Press which is Ad Konings web site (one of the best sources of information on Malawi cichlids, though not much available online) or read some great articles by Andreas Spreinat.

MASTER INDEX OF FRESHWATER FISHES. This site claims to have a list of almost every freshwater species. I don't know if they actually do, but surely they are pretty close to it (22.000 species, last time I visited it). Info on most of the species and some photos available. Many useful links available. The site is regularly updated. Some of the photos of this site are found there, too.

CICHLIDROOM COMPANION is a site with lots of articles (very interesting and well written) and original information, pictures, reviewed links and a strong "cichlid smell". A very good section on Africans, and Malawians have their own share. One more worthy site.

Arowanas ARE demanding fishes from a lot of different points of view (furthermore, the Asian ones are extremely expensive and enlisted in C.I.T.E.S. papers). Anyway, if you  are considering keeping one (and having kept one myself I can tell you to take my word for it), this (www.myarowana.com) is definitely the site to check for info. Each and every issue is covered in detail from anatomy, to buying, caring, housing (main suggestion: HUGE tanks). It also includes lots of suggestions on products to use for your kidís well being. Of course a huge picture gallery is on line. And the link section can bring you everywhere in the, unbelievable, Arowana world! All in all if you like tankbusters this site is a must for you.

It could be called the place where the scientists meet the hobbyists. For cichlid lovers it is definitely a must. Information ranges from Taxonomy and sex venting to Egg laying and include everything in between. Information on what each term actually means and examples with photos. The author has simply excelled. The articles are well written, normally they do not require a degree in science (every advanced keeper should not have a problem with the terms) and is really a pleasure to read. Ron, the author, uses the right "dose" of humor to pass his knowledge to the visitor. If it was a book it would probably cost $$$ and it would become a success. Now its free so you better visit it (before it becomes a book!).

This is a rather strange site (in terms of layout), exclusively dedicated to cichlids of the African Rift Lakes. The site, written by Matt Pedersen is actually in the form of a book and it tempts the visitor to make a printout (I did it !). Nice, packed with photos and information it will be a nice addition to any library. It covers most of the topics that are of interest to the novice hobbyist and yet some. His section on "Stocking aquariums" really makes sense and may help many hobbyists.

A site with much information and a database which will become an invaluable source of information as it grows. Kevin, the author of this site is very serious when he speaks about his site and he really proves that he means it by the regular updates. I must confess that every time I visit it there is something new to see. The site contains more than 50 fish profiles (nice layout but, again, few cichlids), a Gallery which contains more than 1.000 fish and tank photos and quite a number of interesting articles.

This site is maintained by Izrail Bloch who has made a very promising start. The site provides a wealth of information and article links to satisfy everybody's interest. Includes a Tutorial for the new hobbyist and a Fish Catalogue which will grow in time. Not much cichlid - stuff up to now but - remember - it is only the beginning.

Another site from Denmark, although not about Malawi Cichlids. A new site which is updated almost daily, has some good pictures and is definitely a promising start. Something fresh and a new look. The quality of the photos is very high and most of them are very generous in size.  I sincerely hope that Disky will keep up the good work. Disky (actually his name is Soeren Solbjerg Reinke) is also the developer and owner of the very few Plant Search Engines on the web (Tropica's engine being the only other such engine I know of).. 

When a friend e-mailed me to ask why this link was not listed, I was nastily surprised (to say the least). This is one of the very few sites that I visit regularly and a great inspiration to start our own one. Yet, ironically, it was not listed in the "Links" section. Well, now it is. I doubt if there is any African Cichlid fan who has not visited this site. This site simply covers all levels ! From beginners to experienced, everybody should visit it and try to get the most while there. Dr. Michael Oliver has put a tremendous amount of work behind it and he supports it with his scientific skills. You will find every piece of information you need and, equally important, you can say assured that what is written there is scientifically supported, not a guestimation. Saying "Highly Recommended" is surely an understatement.

Well, this site is very strange in the sense that it deals with just one species. Not a family, not a particular lake, just one species: Cyphotilapia frontosa. However, it has become a classic and is a reference site for frontosas. Of course, if you own or you plan to get one of these beauties, then there is no reason to visit any other site or buy any books. This site contains everything you will ever need to know. If similar websites were available for other species, too, we would all have much less problems. This site offers to frontosa owners everything they could wish for (or think of). Apart from the usual stuff of a well organized site (links, photo gallery, species information, discussion forums, articles, nice layout, easy navigation etc.) this site offers things like "Creating a card with any frontosa picture you chose", names of breeders, tile games with frontosa pictures. Even if you do not own a frontosa, this site is recommended as a "must - see". Site owned by D.J.Riebesell.

THE GAS STATION - African Cichlids A new site by Greg SteIt and LeeAnn Steeves is a serious work with many useful features (like a list of books next to the main pages named "Recommended Reading"), a chat room (which is actually a link to a chat room by Kevin Carpenter - http://fishroom.seaplace.org/ ) , a unit conversion program, a library (essential to us) and more ! The photo section includes many species and the photos are original. There are also some first class articles there, to satisfy the advanced hobbyist. All in all a recommended site. A visit to the "Fish Hut" will tell you how organized those people are ! 

ARMKE'S RARE AQUARIUM FISH is another commercial site specializing in cichlids and catfishes from Africa. As such it deserves a place in this list of links. Another good site if you look for fish photos.

TROPHEUS BASICS Another personal website which has been dedicated to one genus only; tropheus from Lake Tanganyika. To keep it short: everything you would like to know on this genus is located in this site. Among them, some of the best photos of tropheus on the net. A must for all African cichlid lovers!

EXOTIC TROPICALS Another commercial site with lots of information and cichlid photos. In contrast to other sites this one has a Hobbyist "sense". This is mainly due to the owner, Gary Kratochvil, who has a considerable experience on this field.

D.J.'S LIL' FISHES One more commercial site which, apart from the obvious (which is to buy fish) offers a great array of photos not limited to cichlids. In fact, one of the greatest galleries in the web.

MBUNA CICHLID AQUARIUM Another personal website which is worthy to be visited. This site is not limited to photos (although it contains enough to satisfy most visitors) but a great deal of interesting information is also included.

THE CICHLID EXCHANGE Another commercial site with lots of pictures, most of them original (not found in other sites). Some rare morphs are also included in the photo gallery.

THE CANADIAN RIFT LAKE CICHLID ASSOCIATION A new website devoted to cichlids from the African Rift Lakes. The term "new" doesn't mean "small". The webmaster took his time to prepare it offline and finally presents the site in its complete form. The main contributors of this site have been to Lake Malawi while two of the most known people in the hobby, Ad Konings and Stuart Grant are the honorary Presidents of this Association. Apart from these credentials, this site contains many photos (presented in an original browsing way), articles, information, chat room and a very nice layout and easy browsing. One of the best new sites I have seen in the last months. And its all about African cichlids!

FISH BASE A large site with much information mostly aiming at the professional (ichthyologists) although there are some things the hobbyists will enjoy. Among them a complete fish data base (also available on CD-ROM) and some interesting guidelines concerning the fish raising facilities (check the downloads). The site is run by Aque and Rachel Atanatio.

The Aquarium Fish net is primarily a commercial site. However, it belongs to the kind of sites that offer its visitors far more than just a list of items. It has an extensive information section and a very good photo gallery which covers a lot of species. Great for general information on fish keeping; not very extensive when it comes to Africans - still you can find them !!
BELGIAN CICHLID ASSOCIATION run by Walter Deproost who is also the President of the society. An interesting site has now become more comprehensive thanks to the addition of an English section. It is the intention of the webmaster to enlarge this section in the near future. A nice site from a country where keeping cichlids is a very widespread hobby.

THE CICHLIDS OF THE LAKE VICTORIA BASIN A new website focused on the colorful - yet mostly unknown - cichlids of Lake Victoria. This site will give you valuable information not only on the inhabitants of the Lake but on almost every aspect related to it. A very ambitious effort which deserves your attention - even if only for the cichlids. While I have been there several times, it seems that sometimes I can't see any pages apart from the Homepage.

THE WORLD OF TROPICAL AQUARIUM FISH by Joel Bain. URL: www.geocities.com/wtaf2000/ . A very ambitious site which is relatively new. The layout is (as the webmaster admits from the beginning) greatly influenced by the "Age of Aquariums". However, although some elements are common (tanks of the month, fish of the months etc) and still welcomed, the WTAF aims higher. Among the plans is a complete fish database. All in all, the site has improved dramatically over the few weeks it is on line - which is a promise for the future. Easy to navigate, great graphics, lots of contents. Obviously, the advanced African Rift Lake cichlid keeper will spend a couple of pleasant hours but will not improve his knowledge.

MALAWI POLSKIE is in a way a sister website in the sense that it focuses almost exclusively on cichlids from the same Lake as our site. A very nice layout, some of the best photos on the web and lots of information. The photos are a contribution of hobbyists from Poland and all over the world. A great plus is the fact that some photos include a short info on the actual size of the fish pictured which is very useful when trying to identify a fish. I will also note the credit which is given to the original contributor (a welcomed practice). A very beautiful layout, easy to navigate; things that rate it even higher. After a thorough search you will feel sorry you don't speak Polish although some things are available in English and German (a great plus). The people who have created it are serious hobbyists and this is reflected both in the quality of this site as well as its growth rate. Definitely a site to bookmark.

The www.wrraquatech.com is a commercial site, too. As with so many other commercial sites this is not necessarily a drawback. On the contrary, it is a sign that these people care about fish and devoted time, money and efforts to present enough information to help the novice in his / her first steps. This site is relatively new but still has a very nice layout, easy navigation and all the information the beginner will need for a safe start. It may surprise you but every time I read the basics I find some hints and tips which needed refreshment. 

The www.cichlids.com (The Cichlid Center) is a site worth visiting and spending some time there. Although not specializing in any particular cichlid species still there is a wealth of information there, enough to keep you busy for a long time. Nice layout, easy navigation, too. A bit "old" in some sections (especially when it comes to scientific names) it would benefit from a general update. One of the oldest websites on cichlids.

The Sydney Cichlid Page is a website devoted to cichlids and presents the status of this hobby in Australia. This is a neat site with a beautiful layout and enough information for cichlid lovers. The African Rift Lake cichlids are present, too. There are photos, discussion rooms, a list of fish profiles and a list of good articles. That aside there are also sections of limited interest (list of fish allowed to be imported in Australia, list and evaluation of the large lfs etc.). A good site to visit.

Malawi Verslaving is the personal website of Walter Deproost, who is also the President of the Belgian Cichlid Association. An interesting site focused on Malawi cichlids by someone who has a lot to share with us. Its a pity this site is in Dutch only but I hope that an English version will soon become available. Very nice photos from Lake Malawi are used as a background. 

Obviously located at www.fishprofiles.com this site offers a good range of fish profiles. Not may species yet but - according to the webmaster - there are going to be many additions in the next months. A place to bookmark.

African Rift Cichlid Forums (ARCF), is now found at www.riftcichlidforum.com/forum as I was informed by the person who runs it, Ron Brockmiller. All the misfortunes belong to the past now and this interesting site is as active as ever once again. 

Tom's Place http://www.aaquaria.com/ is a website run by a hobbyist, (very knowledgeable and experienced, but still hobbyist), helped by hobbyists, has the most "serious" discussion boards around in my opinion (his strong point) and other main features including plant and fish databases and articles which are  written both by pros and serious members.
Robert Fenner, the author of quite a few famous books, is also the webmaster of WetWebMedia one of the most complete "fishy" websites. One of the best marine sites combined with a very extended and informative freshwater section. I have spent many useful hours there and I highly recommend it to all visitors. Perhaps the best marine site in the web while the freshwater section is not far behind.
Robert Metelsky is the webmaster of Simplified Reef Keeping, a website which is about reef keeping although there are many informative articles which have an interest for all fish hobbyists. Some great pictures and many good links. You may also purchase the book entitled "Simplified Reef Keeping" online. .
Kate Burchard's website can be found at http://www.angelfire.com/ak5/nlaquatics/ A few words about Kate then.. She is an experienced hobbyist who has kept and bred more species than most of us will breed in our whole lives. You can take a look at her fishroom, see the beauties kept there and get some useful information about them. Do not hesitate to contact her if you need some first class information about your fish.
Annita Antypas has created a nice place for all animals at www.petland.gr - an ambitious effort with a nice layout, a complete English version and many useful links to Greek pet lovers. Fish keeping was not part of Petland but recently they decided to enter this field too. Often updated keeps the visitor informed about recent happenings and legal matters. I think that most pet owners will benefit from it.
Lisa Boorman (also known to many hobbyists as "Lisachromis") is a very skillful and knowledgeable hobbyist and - as such - her website (to be found at http://users.kent.net/~lisab/ ) has first class information about the fish she keeps now (or has kept in the past). I would really recommend that you read the descriptions of the species she has bred - there is a wealth of information for all of us. Not many photos or fancy graphics but who cares about them - it is correct information we should all look for. While there, you may also visit the online bookstore and read some of the critics on the titles on offer. Unlike many others, Lisa has read those books so you can take her word for it. .

Aqueous.com  A useful "wet" search engine which works very well, lots of links and a very beautiful arrangement. Definitely worth a visit. A very well thought of connection system warns you quickly for a possible dead link.

Aquaria Central  Another useful site with lots of information for the hobbyist. An intelligent search engine will help you locate what you need. Lots of interesting articles and a good number of links - some not found in other lists. Links are updated, too - which will become the thing to look for in the future. This site is very informative on fishkeeping in general but of limited use to the advanced African cichlid keeper.

Cathy's Homepage of Tropical Fishkeeping A remarkable site! Almost everything you will ever want, neatly arranged. Though it deals with fishkeeping in general, still there is enough information and photos to satisfy even dedicated African cichlid keepers. The quality is superb, the design sets an example to the rest of us and the links are selected not just listed (though I could still find some dead links). A site every serious fishkeeper should have in his "favorites" or "bookmarks".

The Age of Aquariums Another very well designed site dedicated to Fishkeeping. During your visit there you must check the "Tank of the Month" selection and take a look of the previous selected tanks. You will be nicely surprised. The usual goodies are also there : articles, links, comments, pictures.

Fish Index  A "fishy" site with lots of pictures (among them a good number of cichlid shots) and info. The general information contained in the site is very good but, again, of limited use to the advanced African cichlid keeper. While there you should see the FAQ sections (very informative) and many of the articles.

Fresh Aquarium Miningco A big site with a wealth of information. It has definitely one of the most complete article contents in the net. The articles range from "beginner" level to "advanced" and there is something new for everyone. Articles range from "getting rid of algae" to aquascaping and DIY articles. Will keep you there for days.

Discus Page Holland  I know that Dicsus is not an African but it is definitely a cichlid. On top of this, a good "fishy" site is always a place to enjoy for any serious fishkeeper. Nice graphics, a very good navigation system and lots of info are the key elements of this site.

AquaWorld Network Lots of info and first class articles. Useful links to many sites and a neat layout. A special note for the "Top Aquariums" section ; visit it. One of the very few tanks with Mediterranean inhabitants which, by itself, makes this site a place to see. A very big site, needs updating in some sections but there is something for everyone. Again, not much in there for the advanced / dedicated keeper of Africans, but lots of news and info for the beginners. The links section needs some thorough checking - too many dead links, but keep in mind it is (despite its enormous size) an "one man's work".

Another site which is dedicated to Cichlids.  The language is mainly the Italian but one should have no problem to understand the basics or enjoy the beautiful photos. Africans play a key role in this site and all fans will find something new and interesting. Some articles have been translated in English by Francesco Zezza, one of the three contributors of our site. Another reason for supporting this site is that it is created by people living by the Mediterranean Sea. It is interesting to see what people in this side of the world can do.

A site that contains almost everything you could wish for. A unique characteristic of this site is that it doesn't just list the links in alphabetical order. Instead, the webmaster goes the extra length of visiting each site, reviewing it and evaluating it. A painstaking job which helps the visitor to choose the sites he (or she) wants to see. You may or may not agree with the classification but you will agree that all sites approved are of a very high quality. This is definitely something useful - especially with the hundreds of sites emerging daily. You may also submit your tank photo for the Aquarium of the Month contest.

No matter how advanced a fishkeeper you are, there is a lot to learn in this site. Starting from how to arrange the various filtering materials to effective lighting. You can spend hours in this site and I am sure you are going to print many pages. A very sophisticated site, with less graphics and much information.

Marc Elieson has created a superb site which will keep you there for some time. I will start from the seemingly less but actually most important feature, his excellent "cichlid search" facility. Just try it - it retrieves information from a selection of relevant websites - clever and it works !! Of course there are many good quality full length articles in this site (quite impressed myself !!) as well as many fish profiles. While there, take a moment to visit Marc's Victoria cichlid page. Clearly a website to be bookmarked. There is also a chatroom and a disease and treatment section. On the great "plus" things I would mention that that it is regularly updated and that Marc knows what he is talking about.

Aquamalawi uit Harlingen is a very nice website by Anton van Andel (unfortunately in Dutch only). It has very good information and an extended data base of Malawi cichlid tanks which range from small to huge, with comments and interesting ratings by the visitors. There is a good selection of articles and photos - I can't read Dutch but it is not that difficult to get the point. A good page to spend some time on !

A very interesting site built by Richard Fellows concerning mainly large cichlids (although not restricted to them). The site includes the following sections: Species Profiles, Gallery, Precious Memorials, Favorite Links, Link Directory and Recommended Books and other Items. I personally found "Species Profiles" a very interesting section with accurate information whish should be useful to every hobbyist. If I were to name the highpoint of this site then it would have to be it. There are plenty of photos there and - what a surprise - they all show the correct species. I run through the rest of the site and I enjoyed this easy navigation and layout. There is a very extensive "Link Directory" which includes some very interesting sites - although no personal reviews are present.  

A combined effort of three Danish hobbyists can be seen at www.cichlids.dk This is a neat site with plenty of information, forums, photos of fishes and tanks, a large number of articles and all the goodies you would expect in a fishy site. The nice layout should also be mentioned, indeed a very nice work ! Site in Danish.

Everybody knows (or should know) Philippe Burnel, who has contributed a lot to our hobby. The two links that follow will definitely add to your knowledge and joy. You should do yourself a favor and visit http://perso.club-internet.fr/burnel (top class articles and photos) as well as http://www.cichlides.com (with a very interesting forum). Unfortunately, both links are in French but my guess is that you will understand most of the stuff there. While being there, take a look at his "Horror Museum" http://perso.club-internet.fr/burnel/horreur.htm  in which Philippe has gathered the most complete and impressive collection of hybrids all over the world. In this section you will simply learn that everything can cross breed with almost anything.

Another interesting site which is the home of many beautiful fish photos is found at http://aquatic-photography.com , a site run by Jay Luto, an old friend of MCH and his friends. You will find some interesting articles there, a forum and of course, hundreds of beautiful pictures of fish. Their gallery grows by the day so you better bookmark their site. Nice layout, easy navigation, a very good job indeed.

Aleksei Saunders came up with a truly magnificent idea, which is a site dedicated to Madagascar's Endangered Fishes. Aleksei is a very knowledgeable person, working in Dever Zoo and has a keen interest in all fish from Madagascar and especially the rainbow fish (Bedotia genus - and not only). The layout of his site is really promising. You can see a list of all species known to live in this island and you can scroll over each one of them to see the relevant record. There is a short history of the island plus an animated map showing the kind of destruction humans are capable of. This will become a huge site packed with all the information an avid fishkeeper might need. It will take some time but the information already online is enough to wet your appetite. Highly recommended to everybody.

DIY HQ is a huge site dedicated to do-it-yourself projects related to almost everything from car repairs to divorce and has a nice collection of resources for each subject. Of special interest to fish hobbyists is their fish tank section which can be found here. A great list of links which will help you solve almost any construction problem and not only. Plant lovers will also find a great deal of good links there. new


Links to accommodation places

Margarita Tours Inc found at : http://www.amazon-ecotours.com/index.htm (and more specifically - for fish lovers at : http://www.amazon-ecotours.com/expeditions.htm# This is the agency used by Francesco during his visit to the Amazon rainforest. According to him: They did an excellent job both in accommodating us perfectly during the whole stay (upon arrival in Iquitos, the day before the cruise departure, we even found a cold white wine bottle in our room!), leading us in awesome places (collecting spots, night jungle hikes, small creeks canoe sailing, kayaking, visiting a local village to have some barter with natives) and, eventually, providing a "top class" service in handling/packing/exporting (last but not least LEGALLY) our fishes ... many of them are STILL happily swimming in my tanks. new

Namiashi Lodge - Lake Malawi, Africa is found at: http://www.namiashi-lodge.com/index.html According to their own words: In the north of Malawi nearby Livingstonia and Nyika National Park, just along the M1 you will find beautiful Namiashi Lodge. new

Links to Greek Sites

STAVROS TSIPAS A pictorial site which focuses on many fish types. The webmaster, Stavros, has a long experience in fish keeping being a professional and he is now creating this site to show the fish he keeps. He is fond of Africans (mainly Tanganyikan cichlids) and pictures of his 750 liter Tanganyikan show tank are already on line. This site will take some time to be completed but additions will be made every now and then - so visit it regularly. Site in Greek

VASSILIS ILIOPOULOS A pictorial site with a good layout and all the goodies from a hobbyist who has taken his bobby seriously. Another African Cichlid Lover (this time with cichlids from the correct Lake - Malawi) he has built a site where he manages the perfect balance between original information, correct amount of humor and many photos. The site was initially in Greek but now an English version is available.

 TAKIS TSAMIS Homepage. Another Greek site which has two special characteristics. The first is that it was created and is maintained not by a single hobbyist but by a whole family. Meet Takis, Maria and Phaedra in their own small African Cichlid world. And, while enjoying the beautiful fish photos and the carefully presented information you must keep your eyes open for some bonsai !! Takis' second hobby which he shares with us. Located very close to Patras, Takis is a regular contributor of MCH with his ideas and excellent graphics. Site in Greek.

HYDROCOSMOS Is a new site with commercial as well as hobbyist interest. The owner of the largest fish petshop in Greece, is a well known professional  who is also a keen hobbyist with a long experience in fish keeping. The site presents the shop but there are also many "goodies" for the Greek hobbyist (with many more to come in the near future - his plans for this website are really ambitious but I am sure he will make it). The layout is truly professional and - like his shop - sets new standards in Greece for our hobby. Keep visiting it at regular intervals since new information is being added on a continuous basis. Unfortunately, in Greek only.

Ioannis Stellas has created a nice website named "Υδάτινες Ιστορίες". What you will find there is a lot of articles, a nice selection of photos of the species he keeps, as well as a blog for every tank he has. There is a lot to see in this site - too bad it is only in Greek. new

Links to Greek Forums

Hydrocosmos Public Forum can be found at http://www.tropicalfish.gr/forum/ You will need to subscribe in order to take part in the ongoing discussions but you can see what others say even as a visitor. A new forum which gets larger by the day. This is a "pure" forum dedicated to the exchange of information without the "extras" found in other forums. Highly recommended to Greek hobbyists.

Aquazone is another good fish portal and can be found at http://www.aquazone.gr/ You will find a lot of goodies there, nicely organized, including articles, a large fish and plant database and much more. Started in September 2005, has grown considerably since then with more than 400 members in less than 4 months. Both MCH and Michael K. Oliver are working together with this portal on its fish base project. You will need to subscribe in order to take part in the ongoing discussions or enjoy the "extras", but you can see what others say even as a visitor. Highly recommended to Greek hobbyists.

Links to Commercial Sites

Links to some of the most known commercial sites are also given below. Some of them have informative sites and specific info on how to use their products. The ones I decided to list here have products that I use myself. For your information I also use many pharmaceutical products meant for human use.




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Easy Life aquarium & pond products for discus, discus fish, tropical plants, tropical fish, koi, marine, corals



This site is not sponsored by any of these companies and I will not advertise their advantages over competitive products. I will just name which products I use from each company. Bear in mind that I couldn't find the websites of many companies I use products from (like Penn Plax lighting for example). If someone sends me a note (see last list) I will include them in the next update (there will be many, I promise).

Please note : Links are presented at random order. They are not ranked by any criteria. Hence, very important, highly recommended sites may appear in any page. Please visit all pages in this section. Click "Next" below to view the links.

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