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Water Chemistry Tables and Information

General Hardness - GH
Carbonate Hardness - KH
Temperature Conversion - pH ranges
Specific Information for Malawi Cichlids
Malawi Cichlid panorama
African Cichlids
Dietary needs
Spawning needs
Stripping of females
Raising the fry
Space (Tank size)
Hierarchy in the African Cichlid Community
New additions - Reintroducing a fish to the tank
Sodium bicarbonate
Calcium carbonate
Close observation may save your fish--FIRST AIDS

1. The effect of pH (and not only) on fishes  by George Reclos
2. On Fluidized bed Filters  by Francesco Zezza
3. Diseases in the aquarium by George Reclos
4. A disease list in alphabetical order (A-C) (C-F) (G-I) (I-N) (N-S) (S-Y) by George Reclos
5. Diseases in the Aquarium - List of Active Ingredients in alphabetical order
  (A-S) (T-V) by George Reclos
6. Over-dosing is better than under-dosing  by George Reclos (with the permission of TFH magazine)
7. Diving in Lake Malawi 1997  by Francesco Zezza
8. How to invent …"Rocky" Cliffs  by Patrizia Spinelli
9. Taking Fish Photos by George Reclos
10. Searching for the Enchanted Kingdom by Patrizia Spinelli
11. Collecting Cichlids in Lake Malawi ! by Francesco Zezza
12. Compatible Fish - a complicated issue by George Reclos
13. Lake Malawi - Water Parameters by Francesco Zezza
14. Greek Scientific names by George Reclos
15. Spawning Cichlids by Francesco Zezza
16. A List of Famous
Don'ts by George Reclos & Francesco Zezza
17. Water changes - How to do it by George Reclos
18. Conditioning Wild Caught Cichlids by Francesco Zezza
19. Planted mbuna tanks by George Reclos
20. How I run my Tanks by Francesco Zezza
21. A Sad Story by Francesco Zezza
22. African Cichlids: Questions and Answers a compilation.

23. Growing a silver Arowana
by Francesco Zezza
24. How much fresh water is there in your tank? by George Reclos
25. The Infallible Eye (using your video camera) by Patricia Spinelli
26. What should a "fishy" site look like? by George Reclos
27. Make your own Salt Mixtures by George Reclos
28. Returning to Lake Malawi, 1999 trip by Francesco Zezza
29. Raising the fry - Points to consider by George Reclos
Two sides of the same Hobby by Peter Orphanos
31. Sand by Frank Panis
32. Amazon River Sickness, to say so.. - Arowanas by Francesco Zezza

33. Keeping Temperature under control by George Reclos
34. A Dinner in Faenza by Francesco Zezza
35. Building a Monster by Francesco Zezza
36. Oxydator by Frank Panis
37. The Real Value of a Hybrid by Simona Santini
38. Think Fish by Andreas Iliopoulos
39. Zoophilia 2000 a pictorial tour by George Reclos
40. Filtration - Do It Yourself by Andreas Iliopoulos

41. Spawning your fish - The basics by Andreas Iliopoulos
42. Planted mbuna tank - useful tips by George Reclos
43. Planted Tanks - A Natural Fertilizer Free of Charge by Andreas Iliopoulos

44. Breeding in the Wild by Andreas Iliopoulos
45. Aquarium on the Rocks by George Reclos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
46. Time to wake up ! by George Reclos
47. Tips and Hints - An Ever Growing Column by Andreas Iliopoulos
48. My Home Petshop by George Reclos
49. Aqua Home by George Reclos
50. Moving Fish by Francesco Zezza
51. Building a Marine Mediterranean Public Aquarium by Andreas Iliopoulos
52. Aquarium on the Rocks - One Step Further by Jerry Duncan
53. Sedation - Anesthesia - Euthanasia by George Reclos
54. Fish Feeding issues by George Reclos, Andreas Iliopoulos and Michael K. Oliver
55. Becoming a Fish Hobbyist by Takis Tsamis
56. Building a Marine Mediterranean Public Aquarium - Equipment, Setups, Communities by Andreas Iliopoulos
57. Are you dreaming of One more Tank by Francesco Zezza
58. Lake Malawi - Do it Yourself by Francesco Zezza
59. Unit Conversion Tables by Andreas Iliopoulos
60. The Pleco Connection by Francesco Zezza
61. My planted tank by Mike Iannibeli
62. The effect of pH on the Fry Sex ratio by George Reclos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
63. Summer Tank clothes by George Reclos
64. Right or Wrong? A Multiple Choice Article by Maria Spiliotopoulou
65. The Chemistry of the African Rift Lakes by Carli Flenniken
66. Fish Aggression - A Pictorial Guide by George Reclos
Plants - A Quick Reference Guide by Francesco Zezza
68. Aquascaping - A never ending issue
by George Reclos

69. Trouble Seeker by Francesco Zezza
70. Cycling your Tank by George Reclos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
71. Visiting Atlantis Marine World by Mike Iannibeli
72. Who Needs Another Hybrid ? by Dr. Ron Coleman, Dr. M.K.Oliver and the Authors of MCH.
73. Living with a Cichlid Maniac by Christine Hatzidakis
74. Diving in Mare nostrum by Andreas Iliopoulos and George Rigoutsos
75. MCH Meeting - The Chronicle an introduction
76. MCH Meeting - The Chronicle by George Reclos
77. MCH Meeting - The Chronicle by Francesco Zezza
78. MCH Meeting - The Chronicle by Frank Panis
79. Can Food Change your Tank? by George Reclos

80. Diving in Mare nostrum II - Meeting George Rigoutsos by Andreas Iliopoulos and George Rigoutsos
81. 13th ABCV Show - Behind the Scenes by Frank Panis
82. Filtration beyond Theory by George Reclos, Frank Panis & Francesco Zezza (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
83. All About Aquarium Lighting by George Reclos
84. In the Peruvian Jungle by Francesco Zezza
85. No stripping - observing the mouthbrooding care of Fossorochromis rostratus by Frank Panis
Africans and Catfishes by George Reclos
87. The pleco connection
by Francesco Zezza
88. A Lesson to be Learned
by Francesco Zezza
89. Snails in the Aquarium - Friends or Foes?
by Takis Tsamis
90. Tail Tales
by George Reclos
91. Starting a Marine tank
by George Reclos
92. A planted Tank with Aesthetics
by Tolis Ketselidis
93. Living means Learning
by Maria Spiliotopoulou
94. Hygrophila corymbosa siamensis
by George Reclos
95. Peaceful catfishes - A myth
by Francesco Zezza and George Reclos
96. My Amphibious tank
by Mike Iannibeli
97. Scientific Names : How do they Work
by Francesco Zezza
98. Breeding Benthochromis tricoti
by Paolo Salvagiani
99. Catfishes
by Andreas Iliopoulos
100. Building a giant plywood tank
by Frank Panis
101. Moving a 1000 liter glass tank
by Frank Panis
102. Building our fishroom (Frank's project)
by Frank Panis
103. Big Rocks
by Frank Panis
104. Activated Carbon
by George Reclos, John Reclos and Andreas Iliopoulos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
105. Skim the Cream
by George Reclos, Takis Tsamis and Andreas Iliopoulos
(with the permission of FAMA magazine)
106. Only you can save your fish
by George J. Reclos
107. Tank in pieces
by Frank Panis
108. Diving in Lake Malawi - the underwater part I
by Francesco Zezza
109. DIY project - My 20 liter fry tank
by Frank Panis
110. Building a giant plywood tank II
by Frank Panis
111. Making our own aquarium PU background
by Frank Panis
112. Pronunciation and Spelling of Scientific Names
by Kalliope Bechraki and Andreas Iliopoulos
113. Final Water Temperature
by George J. Reclos
114. Acquario di Genova - a photo tour
by George J. Reclos
115. Living with an Octopus vulgaris
by George J. Reclos
116. Taking fish photos - expanding the hobby
by George J. Reclos
117. Visiting Pittsburgh’s PPG Aquarium
by Nicholas Callas
118. My Swamp Tank
by Francesco Zezza
119. Changing an Old Tank for a New Use
by George J. Reclos
Diving in Lake Malawi - the underwater part II by Francesco Zezza
121. Visiting Ripley's Aquarium by Carli Flenniken
122. A Shark is Born by Francesco Zezza
123. Mr. B's story by Robin Lovell
124. Our new Discus tank by George Reclos
125. Hellenic Wildlife Hospital by H.W.H. and George Reclos
126. Building our own Fishroom
by Frank Panis
127. Building our own Fishroom (Michael's project)
by Andreas Iliopoulos
128. Holidays in Syros by Frank Panis
129. Aquascaping with Africans by George Reclos, Takis Tsamis and Andreas Iliopoulos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
130. African cichlids - How do they communicate? by George Reclos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
131. Another Dinner in Faenza by George Reclos
132. Growing the Paratilapia polleni by George Reclos and Francesco Zezza
133. Creating a Central American Cichlid Tank by George and John Reclos
134. Creating a Dwarf Cichlid Tank by George and John Reclos
135. Keeping Malawi Cichlids in Lithuania by Sigitas Adomaitis
136. Fighting the algae with Hydrogen Peroxide by George J. Reclos
137. The Use of Ultra Violet (UV) Radiation in Aquaria systems by Andreas Iliopoulos
138. List of medication products by leading manufacturers compiled by George Reclos
139. An Italian "Rift - Lake" by Francesco Zezza
140. Buscando mojarras …Looking for cichlids, my Mexican Diary by Francesco Zezza
141. My 750 liter Amazon tank by Frank Panis
142. Frank's cichlid chronicle by Frank Panis
143. Using Monitors - In a Mediterranean marine system by George J. Reclos (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
144. Fighting Blue Green Algae with Erythromycin
by Christopher Petrides
145. The neglected reef aquarium by Antonios T. Andronoglou (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
146. In defense of the air pump
by Antonios T. Andronoglou (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
147. DIY - Creating a light cover
by Christopher Petrides
148. Focused exclusively on African Rift Lake cichlids
by Stefanos Fluntzis & Nathan Makris
149. A golden rule for breeding African rift lake cichlids
by Stefanos Fluntzis
150. Feeding catfishes by Francesco Zezza
151. Diving in the Red Sea by Francesco Zezza
152. A visit to Salzburg Nature Museum by Caner Gunduz
153. Keeping African Rift Lake cichlids in “harmony” by Stefanos Fluntzis
154. Just for the fun of it by George and John Reclos
155. Notes on Continuous Plant Fertilization.. and a bit more by George Reclos
156. Starting a small fishroom .. in an apartment by George Reclos
157. It can't be eggs in my tank ! by George Reclos
158. My first experience with a freshwater stingray by Francesco.
159. A flowering Anubia by Francesco
160. In the outside tank by Francesco
161. The Royal pleco group by Francesco
162. Tank Window Cleaning by Frank Panis
163. Raise the fry? Or not? by Frank Panis
164. Which tank size will fit my fish ? by George J. Reclos, Andreas Iliopoulos and Michael K. Oliver (with the permission of FAMA magazine)
165. A little something by Thanassis Moschou
166. Charonia tritonis by George Reclos
167. My tropical marine tank by Ibrahim Khalil
168. Annual MCH Meeting - Summer 2003 as seen by Francesco Zezza, Andreas Iliopoulos and George Reclos
169. An attempt to breed Ancistrus sp. by Francesco Zezza
170. The silent aquarium by Frank Panis
171. From Malawi haps to Madagascan cichlids by George J. Reclos
172. Using vine tree wood in a tank by George J. Reclos
173. Fish nutrition - An Overview by the FNRL group
174. Spawning the Parachromis managuensis by John G. Reclos
175. 24e Congress of the French Cichlid Association
by Francesco Zezza, John G. Reclos & George J. Reclos
176. 24th Congress of the Association France Cichlid (AFC) - Le story by Tolis Ketselidis
177. A painting like no other by George J. Reclos
178. The end of my marine tanks by George J. Reclos
179. Design and Construction of a filtration system (sump) by John Salakidis
180. Starting a fifty liters (~ 50 l), “panorama” planted tank, just for the fun of it by Andreas I. Iliopoulos
181. A short note on Mediterranean Aquariums by Dimitris Dimitriadis
182. Cooler Marines - the temperate Atlantic species by David Hallett
183. Designing and executing an aquarium project for a 2.800 liter Malawi community tank by Andreas Iliopoulos
184. Bon Voyage Jean-Claude by all friends of Jean-Claude Nourissat
185. Object Lessons by Andreas Iliopoulos
186. A step by step diary of a planted tank by Christoforos Petrides
187. Sonia Guinane and Dave Tourle

Water Treatment and Purification by George J. Reclos
189. Monster tank 2 - the Revenge by Francesco Zezza
190. Marco Isidori’s Fish Room by Francesco Zezza
191. A closer look … in my Amazon tank by Francesco Zezza
192. USA meets Europe - a report on Carli's visit to Belgium by Frank Panis
193. My 1500 liter plywood/polyester coated

kitchen tank by Frank Panis
194. Spawning the discus by George J. Reclos
195. Simple software which makes our life easier by John and George J. Reclos
196. A "true" quarantine tank by Francesco Zezza
197. An ill Fossie - Aka: when things go wrong! by Francesco Zezza
198. The Swamp tank, two years after by Francesco Zezza
199. The 4th MCH Meeting in Rome by Frank and George
200. Transporting Discus - the Spartan way
by George J. Reclos & Francesco Zezza
201. Spawning the Panaque sp. nigrolineatus L190? by George J. Reclos
202. A 700 liter Paretroplus maculatus species tank by George J. Reclos
202. Diving in Mare nostrum - Part III by Evangelos Demestichas and Andreas Iliopoulos
203. Spawning the Paratilapia sp. Andapa by George J. Reclos
204. Αcquaintance  with Porte Doree Public Aquarium
by Antonis Roussos
205. Fish Glossary by Andreas Iliopoulos, George J. Reclos,
206. A home made egg-tumbler by Roberto Barbuti
207. Home made Black Water Extract by Francesco Zezza
208. South Pole Cruise
by Vitalba Gammicchia
209. Meeting an old friend at the Zoo by Frank Panis
210. FRI: Aquaculture Research + Fish Keeping = Hope by Thanassis Moschou
211. Spawning the Paratilapia sp. Andapa - The Sequel by George J. Reclos
212. Time to update MCH.. again ! by George J. Reclos
213. Leaving for vacations - Final Preparations ! by George J. Reclos
214. Cyprichromis and Paracyprichromis by Caner Gunduz
215. An 160 liter miniature m'buna biotope by Antonis Roussos
216. Brazilian sensations by Francesco Zezza
217. Building a small Greenhouse by Francesco Zezza
218. A really weird story by Francesco Zezza
219. Visiting the Acquario di Cattolica "Le Navi" by Francesco Zezza
220. Fish 'Very Capable Of Learning And Remembering' by Robert Matthews
221. Breeding Pterophyllum scalare from Rio Negro by Peter Goebel
222. No fish ? No, no fish at all !! - A (not short) report on the 25th AFC Congress by George J. Reclos, Thanassis Moschou & John G. Reclos
223. Vichy 2004 - Report by an ill Frank by Frank Panis
224. A New Hobbyist joins the Club by George & John Reclos
225. A case of Pseudotropheus demasoni inexplicable deaths by Antonis Roussos
226. Taking pictures in the wild, my short list of hints by Francesco Zezza
227. A new Terrarium for my turtle by Francesco Zezza
228. DIY project: making a double fluorescent T8 light bar by Frank Panis
229. Spawning the Paretroplus damii by George J. Reclos, Dave Tourle and Sonia Guinane (with the permission of FAMA magazine)

230. Building a system around your camera by George J. Reclos
231. Depth of field and Prime vs. Zoom lenses by George J. Reclos
232. Techniques for taking underwater photos by John G. Reclos
233. Setting up a 3 meter long Malawi Cichlid tank by Nikos Tsitouras
234. Waiting for the fry to swim by George and John Reclos
235. Inside the Greenhouse
by Francesco Zezza
236. Rio Rivers by Francesco Zezza
237. A Conscientious Greek Hobbyist
by Manthos Vagionakis
238. Spawning the Paretroplus damii 2 - Raising the fry by George J. Reclos, Sonia Guinane, Dave Tourle and John G. Reclos
239. Spawning the Paretroplus menarambo by George and John Reclos
240. Spawning the Paretroplus maculatus by George and John Reclos
241. Introducing the Municipal Aquarium of Vironia - Lake Kerkini by Antonis Roussos
242. The hobbyist next door
by Demetris Koutsoulaftis
243. Aquarium Photography
by Ashok Kumar K
245. A "triple" tank by Francesco Zezza
246. The DIY air lift by Frank Panis and Staf Peeters
247. Spawning Altolamprologus calvus "White Chaitika" by Frank Panis
248. A new tank at the office

by George J. Reclos
249. Foodstuff offered to our fish by George J. Reclos, Frank Panis, Francesco Zezza and Thanassis Moschou
250. Fishy Images by Babis Tsokas
251. RAW (NEF) vs. JPEG by George J. Reclos and Frank Panis
252. Natural vs. Man - Made by Francesco Zezza
253. Updating (eventually) the Paratilapia polleni “small spot” log …by Francesco Zezza
254. More furniture for the green house by Francescso Zezza
255. AIC annual meeting (2005)
by Francesco Zezza
256. AFC 2005 - L' Epilogue? A report on the 26th AFC Congress, September 30 - October 2, 2004 – VICHY, FRANCE  by George J. Reclos, Frank Panis,  John Reclos, Sonia Guinane & Dave Tourle
MADAGASCAR RAINBOWFISH by Christophe Mailliet & Aleksei Saunders
258. MCH 2005 Meeting - The Italian point of view by Francesco Zezza
259. Altolamprologus calvus "White Chaitika" - Raising the fry by Frank Panis
260. The ABCV Tanganyika show
by Frank Panis
261. Have a nice flight by George J. Reclos and Eva Stets - Vithoulka
262. Evros Delta & Dadias Forest - An unforgettable experience by George J. Reclos, John G. Reclos, Christine Hatzidakis & Eva Stets-Vithoulka
Artwork on your walls - for fish enthusiasts only ! by George J. Reclos
264. Spawning Ptychochromis mangarahara by George J. Reclos
265. Replacing the filter in a 500 L tank by Francesco Zezza
266. Transporting small fry by George J. Reclos, Hilde Guns and Frank Panis
267. Reverse Osmosis – What it Is and How it Works by Ioannis Stellas
268. When the going gets tough... by George J. Reclos and Marina Parha
269. Setting up a 500 L discus tank by Babis Tsokas
270. A long way to go by Marina Parha

271. CretAquarium (Thalassocosmos) - Public Aquarium by Thanassis Balaskas
272. Mendel's Laws in our Tanks by George J. Reclos and Marina Parha
273. Catfish Study Group (UK) Convention, 2006 by Marina Parha

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