Photo Gallery VIII - Stavros Tsipas

Stavros' shop, named Abyssos, is located at 42, Alexandras Ave., Pedion tou Areos, Tel/Fax 8838334. E-mail: . See next page for some pictures of his shop.

Stavros' biggest show tank. With a water volume of 750 liter it is the flagship of his tanks and currently houses cichlids from lake Tanganyika (the photo shows this tank as it was in the past with fancy goldfish; new pictures are on their way. Visit Abyss (Stavros' website) for more photos and info. Stavros is one of the very few aquarists with whom I have actually met in person.

Stavros' 80 liter tank and, yes, it is the home of more African cichlids, only this time from the "correct" Lake (Malawi).


Stavros' discus tank. The tank measures a generous 130X40X60 cm (gross capacity 240 liters) and houses Discus and tetras. Water parameters: 26 C, pH=5.8, KH=3 and GH=3. Everything by the book. Nice plants add to the presentation.

Two photos at left:

Stavros' Mixed African tank. Fish from the African Lakes in a tank measuring 140x40x50 cm (a gross capacity of 180 liters). The detailed aquascape should be noted. It is interesting to note that, like Patrizia (our co-author), this professional has kept much of the hobbyist inside him. Although his tanks are primarily meant to attract buyers, still he doesn't hesitate to add rocks and plants to make his fish more comfortable, although he knows that this will give him a hard time when trying to net them.

Photos below: Stavros' 320 liter tank (measuring 190x42x60 cm) home of his favorite Toxotes jaculator fish. Along them a family of Cyphotilapia frontosa and some Aulonocaras.


Visit Stavros Tsipas Website "Abyss" for more photos and information. Many pages are currently under construction. All photos and information were submitted by the author and are used with his permission.

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